Tuesday, July 20, 2010

may dream comes true *

Harvard University Program Of Medicine or Johns Hopkins Program Of Surgery ?

remember ?

i still remember the first song u asked me to listen to is THUNDER - Boys like Girls .

especially for you :)

If there was something that i could say to make the sun shine and the rain go away . If there was something i could do - it hurts me to think that you're feeling so blue . so i'll be your umbrella , together we'll stand , to weather and storm , i'll be holding your hand . My wish for you is that this life becomes all you want it too . Your dreams stay big . Your worries stay small . In the world , there's no for me like yours . in the world , there's no love for you like mine . Why do i love you ? Bcox even i've foolishly let go of your hand , you've never let go of mine . And for that , i thank you and you even more (: I need three things in my life . The moon , the sun and you ! The moon for the night , the sun for the day and you for the rest of my life .

and both for you : 1 and 2

20 July 2010

1 day before my anniversary with my

boring gila . tgh search pasal SEJARAH MALAYSIA MENDAPAT NAMA . susah gila nak dapat . haishh . knp pasal sejarah susah sgt ? pasal sex senang plak . annoying gila haishh . congrats lah leyla dapat broadband sendiri (: hehe

im too lazy today . im too miss you , sayang . lambat nya lah haishh nak weekend nak tunggu u balik . hmm . i tatau nak buat apa . dah lah hari ni class u habis lambat . i tatau nak buat apa . futsal lagi . haishhh .

sayanngggg . i wanna wish you HAPPY ANNIVERSARY , sweetheart . maybe , dua tahun nie kita bukan lah "bahagia" sangat , slalu gaduh , but the truth is , benda tuh lah yang bring us to the 2nd years anniversary *touched . haha , u have inspired me in so many way and i hope u always know that i always be with you . be with u deep down of your heart . u have me whenever u need me (: we need each other . i tau anniversary kita , u jauh dari i . but i really wanna feel like u're with me tomorrow . i promise u i dont cry just because u're not with me tomorrow . i love you . i miss you . i miss you so bad .