Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my love , hax hax hax !

b , lately i've try whatever's pulling me wonder . what i takes to get through . i gotta stick with you , b . tell me maybe foolish or over reacting but being without you i can imagine . its just close to the heart and i wont stand it if we're broken apart . my love fer you is deep and true . no matter what you do , i'll always be there fer you . till the day i die , my love will stay true to you . something happens when you look at me , i forgot to speak . something happens when you kiss my lips , my knees get weak . you're the one to share the joy and someone to kiss . you always be with me no matter what happen to me . im surely die without u by myside to through all this fucking life , b . you're NOT like an other ordinary guys , syg . you're so special to me . you gave me the spirit to face all the LOSER out there . ngee . *nak jugak . dah tade idea . iloveyou , heart and soul . you're the best part of mylife . would you be mine fer the rest of mylife , b ? :D