Friday, June 26, 2009

boring !

pagi td sgt best tdr . i bgn pukur 9.16 something . bgn . blur . tgk cermin jap and wow ! chantek nya i . pegi ke tandas . mommy ajk breakfast tapi masih lagi mengantuk . nak online tp i tolak pintu , lock . abg i tak keja . so , tak dpt on . suruh my mom ghosok bju . dgr gossip . tgk tv . mmg sangat boring . dgn ketiadaan credit lagi menambah kan boring i . grr . i miss my hax a lot . i tgk tv over and over . pukul 12 something abg i bgn and gie beli nasi untuk di makan . sis i pulang dari skolah . gossiplagi lah . over and over . tgk tv and OMG ! MJ is death . and last november he's converted ISLAM and he's ALLAHYARHAM MJ ? pelik . haha . i mcm tak percya kott . wtv it is . i dont care . i tak minat dia . i dgr crita dia meninggal time tgh bwat concert . mcm tersentuh and i love his NEVERLAND , yaw ! grr . ok . pukul satu i get ready to school . text member i suruh bwk novel . 1.40 i pong bergerak ke skolah . berjumpa mmber i . siap kan hmework math . berbual dan berbual . the bell rang . blajar blajar dan blajar . math sgt mmbuat i tension . i balik skolah mommy ajk gie night market . nak beli barang untuk bwat tomyam . smpai rmh , bkk pc and on . update blog . tlg mommy jap and i makan . haha . shidy jeles dgn i . haha . poyo je mamat tuh . =.= . hari ini sgt boring . bercadang untuk on smpai larut mlm . hee

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

im too miss u =[

i wrote this when im really miss u . just want u to know that i only love u in this world . u gave me day , u gave me world and u gave me soul . my heart is only belong to u . im sorry fer hurting u a lot . i messed u so much . and im so sorry . i want this relation will work up till the death of my life . i'll be wait fer u patienly , b . i dont care if people dont think we're so loving coup cause their not in the same boat . every step i take its like im in the sky . u bring me to the sky . u teach me how to fly in the true way and yes , im did it ! u make me fly free . but hold my hand tenderly , wan . im too scared if im falling down and i cant ever flying back ! and u'll fly alone without me by ursde . everynite , i pray to god we'll be married and i'll dream u everyday and nite . god love us . HE gave me 'u' in my life and my dream . sygg , pls know , right now , im felt like i wanna die cox im really miss u , truly and deeply . i hope u miss me too . u always in my mind everyday and night . how can i dont love u , b ? tell me pls ? how can i forget bout u when im too busy thinking of u . god tell me u're the one who im searching fer . yes . its true . u're the one i love .

Monday, June 22, 2009

beauty and the beast

haha . beauty and the beast . cuba u guys tgk this coup . mcm i dgn bf i lah . bf i BEAST , and i BEAUTY . agree ? if u do pls putcha hands up ! haha . dah terang2 , beauty tuh prmpuan , b . tlg lah bebanyak eh ? i cinderella , u prince charming . i jasmine , u alladin . i sleeping beauty , u prince coloring pages . i snow white , u prince . i juliet , u romeo . hahha . baru match , weh ! tape , hax . u beast pong , i still love u mcm beauty syg dkat geek [beast] . haha . i'll be nice to u like cinderella be nice to her aunty and ugly cousins . i'll be loyal to u like jasmine does to her alladin . i'll sleep and u gonna kiss me like im the sleeping beauty and u're the prince coloring pages . i'll be honest like snow white and our love story , will be like romeo an juliet . ok ? we're complete each other kan ? u tgk beauty and the beast , dorang loving coup what . walaupun i chantek * ececeh , sempat gak prasan , i still syg u fer the rest of my life :D ngeee . *gedik jee . tp u pong kena jadi loyal and honest mcm shrek and geek lah eh ?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

happy anniversary , b :D

bie , tomorow , 21 of june 2009 is our 11th anniversary . when i wrote this , u tgh otw balik kott . i really miss u and love u . im sorry kalau termalu kan u tadi . i nak kasi apiz panas . tatau plak dia bg semua org ade dkat situ baca . but i dont care . im not ashamed . let people know how much i love you kan ? tomorow jumpa i tau , b lepas bola . i wanna kiss u ! haha . gila lah . cant wait fer next month plak . u nak bgi apa , weh ? hahaha . :D bg i fairlady , kita comfirm kawen eh ? i suka kalau kita brangan sesama kan ? choose our kid's name . our happy moment . even time malam pertama pong kita crita . haha . kalau kita kawen nanti baby girl i nak letak , helena al-zahrah . u remember helena ? u pick the name . thanks , syg . i love that name . fer baby boy , plak . thanks . i penin nak pilih mana and thanks fer be there . u pilih , Muhd Airil Haszriq . so cute . hows our baby look like eh ? mcm i ke u eh , b ? i nak anak kita muka mcm i . so that when im not in this world , u still have ADDA Jr. kan b ? im sorry to say this . but im totally in love with u . u bg i 10 hot guys pong i tetap nak u . hope when u read this , u'll know how much i love u . u suka kata , u syg lbh dkat i dr i syg u . mana ada ! ilove u more lah , biatch ! haihh . suke cari gadoh bunceet nie . grr . but i love u . haha . u're so unlucky guy dpt gf mcm i . ingt tak malam kita snap pict dkat rmh i . i cant stop cliking a snap button . hahah . u borak , i snap , smpai u tak boleh nak berborak. heee . * bukan senang nak ajk abg model ie tangkap gambar bersama . u jgn delete pict tuh tau , yang ! bg i . i letak dkat blog i . heehehe . world world world , pls know i only love MUHD HAZWAN B AZMAN . happy anniversary again , b :D

my niece =]

AdindaKu Putri Aina Nabiha . she's freaking cute , right ? im totally in love with her since 21August2008 . she's call me 'mommy adda' . ohh . i love when she's laughing . really love it , syg . i love to see her chubby cheek . kan ? look at her lips . ohh . im gonna melting ! haha . sexy lips , huhh ? :D her eyes . wooo . big eyes . like me kan kan ? =] she's cute when she's screaming 'aaaaaaaaaaa' . its like i wanna kill her when she's crying . really annoyed . =.=" she's gonna be a hot top model one day . ;D i love to tease her till i can see her teardrops . hahah . evilious . she's my liltle fairy . see . when i write this post , i can hear she's screaming , 'yayayayayayaya' . so cute. i'll send her video . she's act like someone call her . so cute ! she's like an lil' angle . she's love to take her tongue out . naughty girl , huhh ? she's really playfull , gemok , cookies monster . hyperian ! =] she'll cry if i go to schl . but mommy have to , dear ;[ i dont know what to say . its hard to describe bout her . she's totally cute ! *b , jgn sedih lah kalau putri tak kenal u . =]

Friday, June 19, 2009

Jonas Brother Addict Anthem :D

Jonas Brothers Addict Anthem . Theres a virus spreading over the whole nation . And to my mom's dismay . There isn't a vaccination . Every morning I wake up and need my fix off Kevin and Joe Jonas , But my heart belongs to Nick . I'mNot a shamed to say that I am a JB fan so , Why try to fight it . We just clicked . I'm a Jonas Brothers addict . It started off with butterflies It's Joe that I adore . Now everytime I hear his voice I faint and hit the floor . I went to see their concert . Just the other night . Now tears starts streaming . Uncontrollably ! Just by their very sight . I'm Not ashamed to say that I am a JB fan so . Why try to fight it . We just clicked . Im a Jonas Brothers addict . I'm a Jonas Brothers addict.

hehe :)

morning :) haha
today is saturday . semalam jumaat and i gie skolah . 1st of all lah kan , i mmg bkn nak kutuk org . just nak crita jee . hee :D semalam sgt lah mcm sial ada bitch nie gie crita satu skolah i paksa dia pakai tudung . hello ! tlg byk . dia yang nak sgt pakai tudung pastu nak kata i paksa dia pakai tudung . and baru2 ni dia bukak tudung sebab bf dia suruh . =.=" *goshh . how stupid , yaw ! pastu nak bangga bf buat love bite di breastnya . hello ? org malu . kau bangga ? oh . lupa . baru perioud kan ? umur bru 4teen kan ? come on , 'big girl' . cikgu dayah kata , pakai tudung bkn tggu sedia . kalau tuggu sedia , sampai u mati pong u tak pakai tudung . huhh . i lupa . membazir masa ckp dgn 'orang kaya ' mcm u ni . :D oh oh . kalau i kutuk u pong , bukan i guna duit u . mulut i . yang jahat i . thanks . tak puas hati jumpa ADDA .

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my love , hax hax hax !

b , lately i've try whatever's pulling me wonder . what i takes to get through . i gotta stick with you , b . tell me maybe foolish or over reacting but being without you i can imagine . its just close to the heart and i wont stand it if we're broken apart . my love fer you is deep and true . no matter what you do , i'll always be there fer you . till the day i die , my love will stay true to you . something happens when you look at me , i forgot to speak . something happens when you kiss my lips , my knees get weak . you're the one to share the joy and someone to kiss . you always be with me no matter what happen to me . im surely die without u by myside to through all this fucking life , b . you're NOT like an other ordinary guys , syg . you're so special to me . you gave me the spirit to face all the LOSER out there . ngee . *nak jugak . dah tade idea . iloveyou , heart and soul . you're the best part of mylife . would you be mine fer the rest of mylife , b ? :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

1st day school after 2 weeks holiday .

Holy shit !

sangat frust first day school yaw ! i dapat result . i dapat 3A's jee . target 5A's , weh . dah lah BM tak capai target . whatever it is , markah i tak lagi rendah dari loser-loser dalam class i . :D bangga lah gak kan . i tak pegi tuition , tak mengadap buku 24-7 hours pong boleh dapat 3A's . OH OH ! Science i A okay ? sangat tak percaya . harituh i failed ! cigu i blanja . and everithing was okay in the 1st day . tataw lagi lah hari ini . OH GOSH ! lupaa . poser dalam class i try to be nice dgn i . but


mintak maaf dulu lah eh , macik ? :D okay , Got to go dear . bye :D * nak gi kedai teman mommy :D