Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy ramadhan al-mubarak , guys ! (;

Sunday, August 2, 2009


dear blogger !
waaa . fucking sedih dohh . i dah tak dapat update blog everyday . cehh . haha . nnti i free i update lahh . i'll be miss my blog . yes ofcoxx . stalker2 out there pong if cox rindu i punya blog . ececehh . haha . ok . gtg .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

reinvent urself .

REINVENT YOURSELF ! *want to be smart , fabulous girl you've always wanted to be ? get armed with the right attitude to kickstart the brand new life !

*lesson #1 (self acceptance)
understand who you are accepted ur faults . give urself room to grow into the person u want to be , the permission to fail and a pat on the backwhen u suceed . recognise that u're good enough and worthwhile . dont be ashamed of urself .

*lesson #2 (self-love)
respect and treat urself right . have faith and trust urself in wtv u do - ur judgements , skills , talents and so on . you also need to like urself . its not being egoistic , but genuinely loving urself . its ok to be proud of the great things u've done .

*lesson #3 (self-determination)
its ur life , so learn to be in complete control of it . be determined when u want to do something , decide what ur values and beliefs are and act upon them . dont let peer pressure reign ur life .
"strenght is the matter of the made up mind"-JOHN BEECHER

*lesson #4 ( positive thinking)
if u see urself falling flat on ur face everytime then u will . positive thinking is a mental attitude that anticipates happiness and a succesful outcome . "most folks are about as happy as they amke up their minds to be"-ABRAHAM LINCOLIN

*lesson #5 (stop comparing urself to others)
see ur success in life as a series of personal bests , rather than a contest with other people . u need to change the way u measure ur success in life because using other people to determine ur own worth is self defeating

*lesson #6 ( stop worrying about what others think)
honestly , almost everyone feels like u do . while u're busy wondering what others think of u , they are also wondering what u think of them . so when u're nervous , just smile , hold eye contact and give firm handshake .

*Nobody's perfect , so stop absessing about whats "wrong" with u . give urself and others a chance to notice all the great things about u . almost everyone feel insecure at some point . self confidence comes from being able to put a break on that negativity and move on . remember , u lose out on 100% of the oppurtunities that u never go far . nothing ventured , nothing gained .
life is full of beauty . notice it . noticed the bumble bee , the small child and the smilling faces . smell the rain and feel the wind . live ur life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams . go out into the world and love the people you meet . let ur pesence light new light in the hearts of people . if people try to pull u down , be proud of it . it only means one thing . you're in a better position than them . there's one reoson why they would dislike u . bcox they wanted to become just like u .

Saturday, July 25, 2009

u guys tau YASMIN AHMAD ? she's died . i tataw bila but i on and tgk friends i ckp . sgt sedih . film dia semua best . film dia semua international . dia creative . i love every single shot in the movie that directed by her . one of it is mukhsin!. nani look cute ! jason too .

allahyarhamah yasmin ahmad meninggal sebab angin ahmar . *betul ke spell ? hahha . wtv . cerita dia yang paling cool of cox gubra ! orang kata pelik but i think its cute ! BHAHA . dia otw buat cerita mualaf tk silap i . and time dia discuss dgn siti dkat mana entah dia pengsan . *mommy yang crita . dia coma 2days and died this morning kott .

tuh jee yang i tau . brita belum kuar . so , update later (;


hott guysss

blogger ! here's some photo of hot guys ! i just looooovveeee them . they're got sexy body with cute face . auwww . i like .

enrique iglesias

ed westwick

oliver sykes
najahhh ! hott kan ? (:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

wse .

najah !
i think i really want to leave this fuckin school . haihh . smk pandan indah's student is suck . grrrr . actually i talk about 2a1's students . they're such an idiot ! fuckerrrr jeee . the girls who think they're pretty always talk bout me . well , im hott . i know that . thats why they talk abut me . but they're totally insane . their face just like a horny dog who desperately need a big long dick . everytime they talk about me i heard like ' girl i need a dick i need a dick ' . i just want to say , SHUT THE FUCK UP ! she think if her got lovebite nearby her breast , she's matured enough ! oh goshhh . what a stupid fuckin bitch . they're have NO breast . hahhaha . they're fat and fucking smelly . ohhh . i just want to say , 'girl . pls ! dont breathe in my air !' hahahahha . oki . lets talk about boy plak . ohhh gosh . they're fuckin fuckin fuckin stupid guys i ever met ! they're short , they're sakai , they're snob ! i only phang kah kit . hehehe . u know what , the boys to making friends with the bitches even they're knew they're got small small dick just like uhhhh . wtv . they knew bitch only want big masive long dick . ahahahha , they're to scream and its like , 'hey FUCKER ! can u shut up . i know u really want to fuck her but pls shut up , MOFO ! ' and the boys really muka tatau malu . they're talk about me with the girls and when i done my work , 'adda , pinjam buku' i just want to say 'NO!' but i think think think , mommy kata kalau org EDUCATED tapi kedekut ilmu tak guna jgak . (:

oh . enough . tired , i'll write next time (=

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dear , stalker ;)

If you have something to say , say it to my face, not behind my back ! thanks for making me the center of your world ! I refuse to star in your psyko-drama . Hate me cox u hate me, don't hate me coz u ain't me. I am who I am . get over it! No one can tell me what to do. It's my life and I'll live it the way I want to. I've always got something to say. If you don't like it, stay out of my way .

Monday, July 20, 2009

World Wildlife Federation !

Blogger ! Read this !

lets help our planet by :

Be Apart Of The Solution
Every decision you make, as an individual or as a family, has a direct impact on the health of our planet.
The way we all live our lives – the products we buy, the food we eat, the transport we use – determine what kind of world we leave for our children, and our children’s children.

There are numerous ways that you can make a difference:

Every bit helps! Saving the Earth can feel like an overwhelming task, but if we all work together, there are still many animals and areas rich with natural resources that we can protect. Your contribution matters, so please donate today, before we lose our rich natural heritage.

Join WWF
Find out how you can volunteer your time and work towards saving a living planet!

Shop and Save
Put a smile on a loved one's face and help to protect nature by purchasing WWF merchandise. Proceeds are channelled to our environmental protection work.

Spread the Green Message
Celebrate occasions and keep in touch while spreading the conservation message by sending a free WWF e-card.

At work
Your own company or organisation could work in partnership with WWF-Malaysia – what’s good for business is good for the Earth. Contact our Corporate Relations team at +603 7803 3772 ext 6301 - 6305 or email us.

At home
How you live your life impacts our planet. Make a positive difference to your own local environment. See how many of these simple things you can do to be more Earth-friendly in your own life.It’s up to you. Please, for your own sake and for the sake of generations to come, be part of the solution – let’s leave our children a living planet!

happy first year anniversary !

oh , bby ! happy 1st year anniverary ! i ♥♥♥ youu. hehhehe i cem tak pcaya kita boleh lama mcm nie . hehe . well , kita gadoh selalu kan ? hehhe . cem tak boleh bla je . i ingt kita couple memain tau . yelah . kita kenal2 mcm tuh jee . tak ada rasa minat dkat dia pong . heheh . rupaa nya i tegur masa dia main futsal kat skolah bring us to this day . blk rumah , dia msg i kutuk2 i . ne hon ehh ? entah apa yang dia pggl i dulu entah . pastu tuptap . couple . mula2 ingt memain lagi . tapi dah masuk 2 month tuh , tetiba sayang plak dkat garfield nie . heheheh . lama lama jatuh cinta . ecehh . but i really love himm . i tatau nak ckp apa . i ngantuk gilee tggu pukul 12 nak wish dia . hehehe . ni yang dia sent dkat i pagi td :

oh. yela. 12bln dh usia hbgn kita kn? i mean like 'BIAR BETUL?!' haha. lama jgk .kita thanks fer everything & loving me back. no one can replace u. we've shared evrythng. from laughter to tears. i've a great time since 21july2008

Sunday, July 19, 2009

MAKNA . support them .

last day i went to karnivel mpaj and i found a meaningful booth *MAKNA (cancer) . i wrote this to let u guys know how important to us to know bout this . check this ouutt :

Who is at risk?

All women above the age of 20 are at risk of developing breast cancer. There are a number of risk factors that have been identified. Some of these factors include:
: Age – the risk of developing breast cancer does increase with age. In fact, 70 per cent of breast cancer cases occur in women aged 50 and above.
: Family history – women who have a mother, sister or daughter who developed breast cancer before the age of 50 are at a higher risk. This risk is further heightened if a woman has more than one immediate family member who has breast cancer.
: Previous history – women who have already been treated for cancer in one breast have an increased risk of developing cancer in the other.
Early menstruation (before the age of 12) or late menopause (after the age of 50).
: Never having a full-term pregnancy or giving birth after the age of 30.
: Not having breast-fed.
: A diet high in fat and low in fibre.
: Obesity in post-menopausal years.
: Excessive alcohol consumption.

Early Detection Great
importance has been placed on the early detection of breast cancer. There are basically four methods of early detection.
Breast self-examination (BSE) – Through BSE, you familiarise yourself with your breasts and this makes it easier for you to notice any changes. It is recommended for women aged 35 and below and should be done once a month, between the seventh and 10th day after the start of menstruation.
For non-menstruating women, BSE should be done at the same time every month. For women above 35, it is advisable to be examined by a doctor every year.

Reporting of breast changes – Any unusual changes to your breasts – even after a mammogram – should be reported to a doctor, as these changes may indicate an early warning sign. This includes the symptoms listed below.

Breast examination by a doctor – For women 35-years-old and above, an annual breast examination by a doctor is recommended. If you are going for a mammogram, it would be a good idea to schedule a breast examination by a doctor.

Mammography (x-ray of the breast) – This method can detect breast cancer even before any lumps can be felt. It is especially useful for women between the ages of 50 and 69, and it is recommended that a mammogram be scheduled once every two years. For younger women, because their breast tissue is denser, the accuracy of a mammogram becomes less certain.

Symptoms of breast cancer :
These are often the first indicator that breast cancer may be present. You should look out for:
A lump in your breast that persists after your period.
Bleeding or discharge from the nipple.
Change in the shape of the breast.
Puckering or dimpling of the skin of the breast..
New retraction (pulling in) of the nipple.
If you see or experience any of these changes, please see your doctor immediately.

Treatment :

The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher the chances of complete and successful treatment. This may involve:
Surgery – this removes the cancer and some surrounding normal tissue to ensure a margin of safety. There are two ways of doing this:
Lumpectomy – only a small or affected section of the breast is removed.
Mastectomy – here, all the breast tissue is removed. With this type of treatment, a woman can opt to have breast reconstruction to surgically rebuild the breast.
Radiotherapy – high-powered x-ray waves are directed at the cancer site and surrounding tissue to help destroy any remaining cancer cells.
Chemotherapy – this requires the use of drugs or hormonal therapy to help destroy any remaining cancer cells.
To achieve the best outcome, doctors sometimes recommend a combination of therapies.

Can you fight breast cancer?
As breast cancer can be easily detected, you can do your bit to ensure that if it develops, it is detected and treated early. Most women with early breast cancer go on to live long, healthy and normal lives.

help them . support them . not avoid them . i hope when u read this and u'll past to ur friend to let they know how serious cancer is . we help women who devolping breast cancer trough this line . do ur medical check out 6months a year . i wrote this cox i women in the world . u guys also can check lipstick movie . its show how the girl get power to survive their life . its so touched .


OMG ! its only one day left before my first year anniversaryy . im tooooooo excited . mana tak nya . this is my first time coup lama mcm nie . selalu nya paling lama 6months . hehehe . i nak wish apa dkat dia malam niee ? goshhhhhh . excited nieee ! sayang nyaaa esok i skolah , hax kejaaa . wuaarrrrrggghhh ! ohhh , b . i nak MP3 // MP4 . hutang 2 bulan u tak beli kan i bajuuu . hehehe . thanks fer spending ur time to having lunch with me last sat , syggg . only god know how much i leviuuuu . heehehe .

Thursday, July 16, 2009



its only four day left . i cant wait fer 21july ! gosshhhh . hahhaah . wtv . yesterday is the best fuckin day u know . i came to school . met tyka and of cox gossips about L *loser of cox , Ekyn and azirah . its so funny when tyka told me that azirah says "tyka , bapak aku tak kasi kawan dgn kau . dia ckp dia tgk kau pong dia tau kau jahat ." its like . hahah . then , minmin came . i ask her whether she saw naja or not . *naja slalu hilang . then , minmin told me that ekyn text her . hahaha . u know what she says ? "kau memang saja nak break kan aku dgn ryzal kan ?" we all like ,

hello , mature girl , WTF !

we dont really want ur fucking bald boyfriend ok ? dont ask me why ur bf stuck on us ! hahahah . then we saw naja and the bell is rang . huhh . study study , and brake time ! heeheheh . i met naja and minmin dpn koperasi . i bougth mineral water and terus gie canteen . *ada solehin! i bought sndwich while naja and minmin just sit . and guess who sat behind me ? hahaha . its Loser and ekin . hahahhahahah . me and minmin talking about ekyn loudly ! u guys know what , she told us that she only speak i english when she text her bf . hello ! she dont know whats admit's mean ok ? and me and minmin like her walking dictionary ! blablabla such a snob flat girl ! haahahha . brake time is over and when bm class , encik anuar keep calling me pelajar contoh . cikgu nie , malu lah . hee . im done my work and he checked my book . suddenly he ask class to borrow my book if tak siap peribahasa cause i wrote 30peribahasa and its all corect . everybody jealous and ifwat and azri ask me whether they can borrow mine . mas and sherlyn keep asking me what is it mean and bla bla . ekyn like jealous . i dont care . so what ? *i write my second novel now . =]

Monday, July 13, 2009

dear blogger

haha . semalam tade yang special pong . spt biasa , on monday i mmg malas nak gie skolah lah kan . heheeh . but im really miss u , wan . hope when u read this , u'll know how much i miss ++ love youuu . i hope i'll kiss and hug u smpai u lemass emm . i bertambah tambah rindu dkat u when i dgr lagu blog i nie . i letak lagu ni dkat blog i pong sbb lyrix ni u bg dkat i . hahaa . so sweet kalau u sndr nyanyi untuk i . 'i hope u know , i'll always try to be a goodman untill my last breath' hee . i know , sygg . tapayah nak jd terbaik pong , skrg pong mmg dah terbaik dari ladangg , hee . i wrote this time u tgh interview . i nak u tau , everyday u lepak rumah i , u tak text i , i boring cem tade energy jee . u tau tak , today is 14july . lagy 7days anniversary kitaaa ! hahaha . i ckp awal awal . i tade apa nak bg . im sorry . i bg ni je lahh , heee . i tataw nak ckp apa dah . but im

im freaking miss youu !

Sunday, July 12, 2009

today ,

oh goshh . sgt boring hari ni . . nyampah gila . dah ah tade credit . but its okay lahh . i tggu smpai tghhari . bf i ckp nak dtg rmh . dia gie potong rmbut dulu . tp i rasa masa yang di ambil tuh , blh panjang balik rambut dia . dtg , borak2 je lah . macam biasa . and OMG ! b , bibir u darah lah ! haihh . teruk gila lah i tgk bibir dia . sapa geget i tatau lah kan ? so i biar kan je . borak borak lg . pastu apixx mengarut . pastu i betul kan rambut bf i . then , dia mc tak suka . its like , hello , WTF ? i rasa mcm nak nangis je . *dah nangis pongg dear , hazwan u bwat i terasa jee . but its ok . i act cool je , pastu dia suruh i siap . nak gie kfc . ok , i gie lah siap . makan makan , pastu balik , tggu boboy bapak lama kan . pastu bf i pukul tgn i sebab i bwt fuck . BODOH ! skt . i bengang , i naik lah . lepak2 . on jap . pastu dia naik dgn boboy . semak je . i tgk tv je lah . dorang mcm appy je gelak2 dlm bilik . *wan memamg tak ingat i lgsg ! wtv la kan . dorang balik , i masuk bilik on and update blog . kesimpulan nya hari nie agak sial . =]

Friday, July 10, 2009

here we go ! photo ;

here we go again ! sorry guys ! lambat upload . apxx ah lambat bagi pndrve . heee . so , check it ou , oky ? ...................................................................<333 happy birthday , b
......................................................................gedikk .
.......................................................................ngeeeee :D
.........................,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..................hahaha , look at me b
........................................................................kiss me
............................................................... im ugly so what ?