Thursday, July 23, 2009

wse .

najah !
i think i really want to leave this fuckin school . haihh . smk pandan indah's student is suck . grrrr . actually i talk about 2a1's students . they're such an idiot ! fuckerrrr jeee . the girls who think they're pretty always talk bout me . well , im hott . i know that . thats why they talk abut me . but they're totally insane . their face just like a horny dog who desperately need a big long dick . everytime they talk about me i heard like ' girl i need a dick i need a dick ' . i just want to say , SHUT THE FUCK UP ! she think if her got lovebite nearby her breast , she's matured enough ! oh goshhh . what a stupid fuckin bitch . they're have NO breast . hahhaha . they're fat and fucking smelly . ohhh . i just want to say , 'girl . pls ! dont breathe in my air !' hahahahha . oki . lets talk about boy plak . ohhh gosh . they're fuckin fuckin fuckin stupid guys i ever met ! they're short , they're sakai , they're snob ! i only phang kah kit . hehehe . u know what , the boys to making friends with the bitches even they're knew they're got small small dick just like uhhhh . wtv . they knew bitch only want big masive long dick . ahahahha , they're to scream and its like , 'hey FUCKER ! can u shut up . i know u really want to fuck her but pls shut up , MOFO ! ' and the boys really muka tatau malu . they're talk about me with the girls and when i done my work , 'adda , pinjam buku' i just want to say 'NO!' but i think think think , mommy kata kalau org EDUCATED tapi kedekut ilmu tak guna jgak . (:

oh . enough . tired , i'll write next time (=