Thursday, July 16, 2009



its only four day left . i cant wait fer 21july ! gosshhhh . hahhaah . wtv . yesterday is the best fuckin day u know . i came to school . met tyka and of cox gossips about L *loser of cox , Ekyn and azirah . its so funny when tyka told me that azirah says "tyka , bapak aku tak kasi kawan dgn kau . dia ckp dia tgk kau pong dia tau kau jahat ." its like . hahah . then , minmin came . i ask her whether she saw naja or not . *naja slalu hilang . then , minmin told me that ekyn text her . hahaha . u know what she says ? "kau memang saja nak break kan aku dgn ryzal kan ?" we all like ,

hello , mature girl , WTF !

we dont really want ur fucking bald boyfriend ok ? dont ask me why ur bf stuck on us ! hahahah . then we saw naja and the bell is rang . huhh . study study , and brake time ! heeheheh . i met naja and minmin dpn koperasi . i bougth mineral water and terus gie canteen . *ada solehin! i bought sndwich while naja and minmin just sit . and guess who sat behind me ? hahaha . its Loser and ekin . hahahhahahah . me and minmin talking about ekyn loudly ! u guys know what , she told us that she only speak i english when she text her bf . hello ! she dont know whats admit's mean ok ? and me and minmin like her walking dictionary ! blablabla such a snob flat girl ! haahahha . brake time is over and when bm class , encik anuar keep calling me pelajar contoh . cikgu nie , malu lah . hee . im done my work and he checked my book . suddenly he ask class to borrow my book if tak siap peribahasa cause i wrote 30peribahasa and its all corect . everybody jealous and ifwat and azri ask me whether they can borrow mine . mas and sherlyn keep asking me what is it mean and bla bla . ekyn like jealous . i dont care . so what ? *i write my second novel now . =]