Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sadness :(

Okay . I had a tough week . On monday , I and ashlah skip-ed our Add Math class . Its 1.15 and our class supposed to end at 1.45 . What do you guys expecting for ? Learning Add Math in half an hour only . And we've to wait for the key cause Mr . Param locked the class so we wasting another minutes ? Huhhh . But too bad Cikgu Jafri saw I and Ashlah . HAHA . He jot down our name in BKK . 5 dimarid guys ! And on Tuesday was Maulidur Rasul . So its public holiday . Kinda boring . Urghh . Then on Wednesday was fine . We got Co-curiculum day . I and Ashlah AGAIN! attending IT club meeting . blablabla . We supposed to made a slide for Maulidurasul . Yet we're surfing the internet . facebook-ing . HAHA . Boring . On thursday , umm . wait . I cant remember what has happened on that day . emmm . Oh Ya , everything just fine , after the school bell , we *me , ashlah and najah* went to Ashlah's house :) Ashlah have to meet her friend so me and najah have to wait for dzaky to come home . It was funny when dzaky shocked when he entered the house . We guys cant stop laughing cox dzaky looks soooo cute ! SmileyCentral.comHAHAHHA . On friday , we got Add Math class . En Jafri called our name . He asked me to clean the white board . He's said it was the one way to penghapusan dosa . after school we went to ashlah's again . We were planned to the green hornet but we dont really watch the movie . We're just chitchating bout a boring stuff . HAHAH . Dzaky and Kimie went home . Kimie lost his voice box hahah . times up ! me and wani had to get back home . So thats all . emm .

On thursay i got , emmm i dont know whether its good or bad news . Maybe its gobad news . Najah got letter from SEKOLAH MENENGAH SAINS REMBAU . Hello ! C'on , i've been waiting for the letter but why the bloody postman send it to najah ? :( This is soo not fair ! I wanted najah to go but at the same time , i wont . Im gonna missed you , jah . We're gonna missed you . Seriously . Im CRIED