Wednesday, June 24, 2009

im too miss u =[

i wrote this when im really miss u . just want u to know that i only love u in this world . u gave me day , u gave me world and u gave me soul . my heart is only belong to u . im sorry fer hurting u a lot . i messed u so much . and im so sorry . i want this relation will work up till the death of my life . i'll be wait fer u patienly , b . i dont care if people dont think we're so loving coup cause their not in the same boat . every step i take its like im in the sky . u bring me to the sky . u teach me how to fly in the true way and yes , im did it ! u make me fly free . but hold my hand tenderly , wan . im too scared if im falling down and i cant ever flying back ! and u'll fly alone without me by ursde . everynite , i pray to god we'll be married and i'll dream u everyday and nite . god love us . HE gave me 'u' in my life and my dream . sygg , pls know , right now , im felt like i wanna die cox im really miss u , truly and deeply . i hope u miss me too . u always in my mind everyday and night . how can i dont love u , b ? tell me pls ? how can i forget bout u when im too busy thinking of u . god tell me u're the one who im searching fer . yes . its true . u're the one i love .