Sunday, July 26, 2009

reinvent urself .

REINVENT YOURSELF ! *want to be smart , fabulous girl you've always wanted to be ? get armed with the right attitude to kickstart the brand new life !

*lesson #1 (self acceptance)
understand who you are accepted ur faults . give urself room to grow into the person u want to be , the permission to fail and a pat on the backwhen u suceed . recognise that u're good enough and worthwhile . dont be ashamed of urself .

*lesson #2 (self-love)
respect and treat urself right . have faith and trust urself in wtv u do - ur judgements , skills , talents and so on . you also need to like urself . its not being egoistic , but genuinely loving urself . its ok to be proud of the great things u've done .

*lesson #3 (self-determination)
its ur life , so learn to be in complete control of it . be determined when u want to do something , decide what ur values and beliefs are and act upon them . dont let peer pressure reign ur life .
"strenght is the matter of the made up mind"-JOHN BEECHER

*lesson #4 ( positive thinking)
if u see urself falling flat on ur face everytime then u will . positive thinking is a mental attitude that anticipates happiness and a succesful outcome . "most folks are about as happy as they amke up their minds to be"-ABRAHAM LINCOLIN

*lesson #5 (stop comparing urself to others)
see ur success in life as a series of personal bests , rather than a contest with other people . u need to change the way u measure ur success in life because using other people to determine ur own worth is self defeating

*lesson #6 ( stop worrying about what others think)
honestly , almost everyone feels like u do . while u're busy wondering what others think of u , they are also wondering what u think of them . so when u're nervous , just smile , hold eye contact and give firm handshake .

*Nobody's perfect , so stop absessing about whats "wrong" with u . give urself and others a chance to notice all the great things about u . almost everyone feel insecure at some point . self confidence comes from being able to put a break on that negativity and move on . remember , u lose out on 100% of the oppurtunities that u never go far . nothing ventured , nothing gained .
life is full of beauty . notice it . noticed the bumble bee , the small child and the smilling faces . smell the rain and feel the wind . live ur life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams . go out into the world and love the people you meet . let ur pesence light new light in the hearts of people . if people try to pull u down , be proud of it . it only means one thing . you're in a better position than them . there's one reoson why they would dislike u . bcox they wanted to become just like u .