Saturday, June 19, 2010


hey . syg . when u told me that u love to read my blog , then i wrote this post for you , since you love to read this , i wanna tell you , that you're the only person care bout me . you're the only one who knew what i need and what i want . syg . thanks for everythings . 1months to go for two years means i do really love you . i love you . i wanna kiss you like i never before ! darling . please know , i need you in mylife . when 1st time i sign in for blogspot , all i think is you . i wrote this for you . (: i love you

i miss you , friends .

i found those photo when i opened up syaza's fb . ahaha . rindu nyaaa

A Rocket To The Moon: Like We Used To [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

freaking bored . everybody went out and i swear to god boring gila beb ! tgk kimora : life in the fab lane . chitchat-ing with husby on fb . haha . hari tuh my parents balik kampung for 2 days . ajak wan lepak rumah . plan nak kuar tapi malas gila . lagi pon kesian prada *my rabbit blm makan . then lepak tgk tv . wan gatal . haha . *beep then lapar gie pasar malam sebelah rumah . makan mihun sup then kakngah balik . after maghrib wan suruh cuzzy dia dtg to take him home . then wan bwk balik prada . goshh . sedih gila kena bg prada dkat wan . *prada kena ikut wan balik sbb gucci dah mati . takut dia mati gak . emm . wan panggil prada jojo . pandai pandai je tukar nama dia . then malam wan dtg palik . dia ajar main game bola . ahaha . terjerit2 weh ! klakar because it was my first time playing that stupid fucking game .

esok nya pagi pagi wan dtg . orang suruh bwk breakfast tp dia bwk diri je . haihh . lepak2 tgk tv . wan suruh gerak gie mandi . tp malas . haha . dah kena paksa baru mandi . tgk tv then tetiba lapar . gie cosmart beli makanan then suruh wan suapkan . hee . *thanks baby . then *beepp* haha . (; lepak sampai ttidur then wan kejut suruh bgn . dia nak balik dah . bgn then his cuzzy pick him up . terus boring . tatau nak bwt apa . tgk tv then mommy balik . horhor . best .

sayang , thanks sbb teman i 2 hari . i tatau nak bwt apa kalau tade u . emm . thanks fer everything . loveyouuu . <3