Thursday, September 2, 2010


here we are . i have some photos to share with you guys . its nicole fox's and alice burdeu's . but i dont know why i cant uploaded the photos . hmm . both of them are from reality show which searching for nex top models . nicole is from AMERICA'sNTM and alice is from AUST'sNTM . damn ! they're soooooooo soooooo damn adorable . i watch this two tv shows . so from the start ,
i knew that nicole should be win and she won ! i loves all nicole's photo . she never dissapoint-ing the judges . i love her attitude too . and alice , she's sooo much taller than nicole . nicole is 5'6 while alice is 6'1 . can u imagine that ? she has an innocent face and her face made me sooooooo into her . alice is a model for dolce and gabbana . she's more to runway modelling . but most of all , both of them are red-head !