Thursday, July 8, 2010

hey , i love you

I look even know deep in the eyes of my soul mate, in the eyes that were so stranger to me at the beginning.
I feel it is above me, above my being, that my life has no meaning, but I also know that being together would kill us, because we would burn each other, as we both are much above the life of the other! We are like the poles of a magnet which attract themselves because they are opposite, but if they were united the magnetism would disappear.
This is why we will always attract ourselves seeking us in the other until death will make us forget each other in the instant of an eternal moment. Let's not forget that that moment too, no matter how eternal it is, is just a moment and nothing else. What about then?
Then will we seek each other restlessly again, in the infinity where we where born to die again, still wrapped in this cloak of vanity, of the impossibility of ever becoming close?

♥lots of love , adawiyahR♥

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